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Keiki O Ka Aina Receives OHA Grant for Newest Program

“One Board, One Stone, in Every Home”

Media Contact:
Momi Akana
(808) 843-2502


HONOLULU, HAWAII – April 23, 2013 - The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) and its Board of Trustees has graciously awarded the Keiki O Ka `Āina Family Learning Centers program – One Board, One Stone, in Every Home a grant in the amount of $159,839. The program, under the cultural stewardship of Earl Kawa`a, enables community members and family participants to embark upon honoring the traditions and honing the skills of Native Hawaiians before them.

“One Board, One Stone, in Every Home,” said Momi Akana, Keiki O Ka `Āina’s executive director, “is not only a mantra, or an heirloom, but a dream of cultural revival and the reality of ancestral renewal towards sustainability. Families and community members,” continues Akana, “make their own functional papa boards and poi pounders from start to finish, including cultural gathering protocols for their wood and stone.”

Thousands of families have come through the doors of Keiki O Ka `Āina in fulfillment of its mission; to educate children, strengthen families, enrich communities and perpetuate culture. In response to the steadfast vision and collaboration of Earl Kawa’a and Keiki O Ka `Āina, the One Board, One Stone, in Every Home program has singlehandedly graduated nearly one hundred families in record time who have created their own papa boards and poi pounders perpetuating culture and providing sustenance for their own families.

The dedication and naming ceremony for each board and stone of this year’s graduating class will take place in early May at Keiki O Ka `Āina in Kalihi Valley. The families will then pound poi for the first time with their own boards and stones for the pa’ina (party) to follow. If you would like to sign up for the program or for more information, please visit or call 808-843-2502.


About Keiki O Ka Aina

Keiki O Ka Aina Family Learning Centers (KOKA-FLC) is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation that was established in 1996 to serve the needs of the Native Hawaiian community within the context of culturally appropriate educational needs. The organization develops and implements “new” Native Hawaiian community site-based programs for parents and preschool children. Specialized services include Native Hawaiian cultural enrichment services, development of family literacy curriculum, family wellness programs, English/Hawaiian curriculum adaptation and childcare programs. For more information, visit or call (808) 843‐2502.