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Our Mission

Serving the Native Hawaiian Community

The Mission of Keiki O Ka `Āina Family Learning Centers (KOKA-FLC) is to Educate Children, Strengthen Families, Enrich Communities and Perpetuate Culture. We fulfill our mission by communicating the vital importance of education, advocating for literacy, supporting parents as their keiki’s first and best teacher, and empowering families to undertake leadership roles in their communities. All of this is done within the context of Hawaiian language, traditions and values.
We envision Hawaii's children beginning school with the attitudes and skills necessary for success. We provide families with the support systems and resources they need to become self-confident, self-determined and self-sustaining. We see a Hawai'i where our programs flourish on every island, setting the standard for family-based education in the state. "Strong communities are developed by building strong families." Reducing or Eliminating Barriers to Literacy Families are invited to participate in new and established programs in ways that create the atmosphere and enhance the environment for real learning to occur. We are addressing these barriers through the following:

• Incorporating research-based, age-appropriate curriculum
• Fostering parent/keiki participation
• Offering emotional wellness programs for parents
• Supporting culture and values within communities
• Providing employment opportunities and training for staff and parents
• Hosting Native Hawaiian enrichment activities
• Preparing curriculum written and translated into Hawaiian