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The mission of Keiki O Ka Aina’s Research and Evaluation Department is to uncover and translate key insights on the impact of KOKA programs in the lives of Hawaii families, while ensuring informed decision making by communicating specific, accurate and relevant information to stakeholders.

The primary stakeholders we support through evaluation activities include; Families we serve, who are provided with specific results on their keiki’s developmental progress; Communities we partner with, who are empowered to choose effective programs through access to objective impact results; KOKA Board of Directors, who are able to make informed management decisions based on relevant and accurate data; Our funders, who may assess the direct impact of the contributed dollars on the community.

Evaluation approaches and methodologies are determined by the specific programmatic epistemology and community context, while meeting rigorous standards of scientifically based research. Through these assessments of Keiki O Ka ‘Āina Programs, preliminary results indicate that the services provided are making an immediate impact in the lives of participating families. KOKA programs are demonstrating their effectiveness through these statistically significant increases on a multitude of assessment tools.