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Impact of Healthy Marriage Programming

Participants of the Healthy Marriage program made measurable and statistically significant improvements in the quality and functioning of their marriages and committed relationships.

Figure 1: Average pre-program to post-program marital adjustment score of KOKA participants

After completion of the marriage intervention, participants experience significantly fewer psychological problems and symptoms of mental/behavioral disorders.

Female participants entered the program with more negative perspectives of their marriage/committed relationship than male participants.  Additionally, females appeared to make equal or greater improvements on all measures than their male counterparts.

This intervention is most effective in providing significantly greater increases in the quality and functioning of marriages/committed relationships with Native Hawaiian participants. 

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Impact of Early Education Programs

KOKA Programs demonstrate their effectiveness in:

  • Raising the percentage of Native Hawaiian keiki who meet or exceed proficiency standards for literacy on standardized assessments.
  • Raising the percentage of Native Hawaiian keiki participating in early education programs who consistently demonstrate school readiness in literacy.
  • Raising the percentage of family use of Hawaiian language.
  • Positively impacting the quantity and quality of parent involvement in their keiki’s education. 

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