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Hawaii Early Learning Partnerships for Childcare (HELP Childcare)

Assisting Native Hawaiian Children

The Hawaii Early Learning Partnerships for Childcare (HELP Childcare) project is a childcare subsidy program federally mandated to increase the availability, affordability and quality of childcare services for Native Hawaiian children ages infant to 12 years old in the State of Hawaii. The HELP Childcare Project will support families, especially those with low incomes, in obtaining keiki care services so they may continue to work, attend certified job training, or participate in educational activities. The project will also support activities designed to provide comprehensive consumer education, increase parental choice, and otherwise improve the quality and availability of childcare services.

Specifically, the HELP Program will offer childcare certificates for services that permit parents to choose from a variety of child care categories, including childcare centers, group home care, family childcare and in-home care. Families may be required to pay a portion of their childcare costs. There is a strong emphasis on Hawaiian culture, ole.

Please contact the HELP program for a PRE-APPLICATION at 808-845-3454.