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Strengthening Families Affected by Incarceration (SFAI)

Providing Support to Children and Youth with Incarcerated Parents

The Supporting Families Affected by Incarceration (SFAI) program serves children and youth with a parent or parents in prison, family members who are taking care of the children and youth and the incarcerated parent.

Children, caregivers and incarcerated parents interact through mentoring, parenting classes and parent-child programs designed to help families maintain bonds and children to thrive.
The purpose is to strengthen families affected by incarceration so that they may become resilient to their situation.

Mentoring gives children and youth the opportunity to develop another positive relationship with a caring and dedicated adult.

Parenting classes for the incarcerated parent gives them the basic tools of having them realize that they are their keiki’s first teacher.

The incarcerated parent-child sessions support, enhance and maintain the family bonds should all parties agree to attend these sessions.